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We offer a wide range of seals and skirtings that have a variety of applications.
Kitchen-Wall Skirting: Can be used to prevent dust and enhance the aesthetic appearance of kitchen cabinets. The product is easy to assemble and available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Wall-Counter Top seal profile: This is an ideal product that can be used to seal the gap between the wall and the counter-top. Consists of a two part assembly, including a rigid based support to be attached to the wall and two component (flexible and rigid) covering element. Electrical wiring can be completed after installation of trims.

Accessories include inner, outer corners and stop-ends.

Door seals: Door seals are useful in sealing the gap between the door and the floor. The profile is easy to assemble by screw-fixing it to the door.

Drawer seals: Drawer seal profiles fit seamlessly to the edge of the drawer. They are easy to install and available in various colors and finishes.

Tech Specs: All products are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and shapes, as required

Design Gallery

Customized designs and shapes can be developed as required

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